Great Places To Buy Online Art Supplies

Artists are always looking for ways to get great quality products for the least amount of money possible.  I get it. I’m the same way. So here’s my list of art suppliers that I use – and why I used them/ like them.  There is a second reason I like to shop online.  I always say that an art store to an artist is similar to drugs to a druggie.  I almost always end up buy things I really don’t need.  And spend way to much time perusing the shelves.  Not that enjoying oneself is a bad thing. But shopping online brings this type of browsing to a minimum, and keeps me much more focused to the task at hand. So I can come in on or under budget.

  1. – this is my go-to painting and drawing supplies company. I LOVE them. They also have a very cool, down to earth, catalog, which showcases the faces behind the store. They also sell a lot of great art training materials, DVDs, books etc.  Some of my favorite artists have materials published with them. 
  1. I only use them for their very awesome acrylic gesso, but for those looking for student grade paints and drawing materials, this is also a great place for that.
  1.  What I love about Nova, besides their great paint, is that you can order online, by phone or by fax .They also ship most orders out within a day.  The paints are incredibly inexpensive (probably because they don’t have marketing costs or shelving costs to cover). But their paint works really well on anything, because it was originally designed for the cartoon cells.  It is a little bit thinner than other paints, but you get use to it. I also use their mediums and gels for both painting and covering my giclees with artist enhancements. 
  1.  If you are in the Orange County, California area  you can stop at their store. But the cool thing is, you can also shop their site and have them ship things to you. I did the math one time when gas prices were high. And given gas and my time it was cheaper for them to ship to me, than for me to drive up there. 
  1.  I love this shop for jewelry supplies.  They have beautiful supplies, at all price points.  You will need to create an account to see pricing. 
  1. – OK this might take some people out of their comfort zone, as they are actually shipping from Thailand and Bali.  But – for those who don’t mind receiving items from over seas, I love this supplier for silver and jewelry pieces. 
  1. – I have never ordered anything from here.  But I recently found them when searching online. They have the best visual site for artists I have ever seen. If you love great pictures of product – stop by and check them out. 

Every month on my LinkedIn group, we list the latest promotions from these and other suppliers. Here’s the link to the group and the thread.

What are your best site for supplies?