Last Blog I talked about statistics. And I mentioned something I tend to think of as a “vanity stat.”  For example, I worked X number of hours this week.  The only reason I even knew that, and still if I’m honest sometimes track it mentally in my head – is I’m trying to justify to someone else that I am “busy” and “productive.”  Where in reality – any moron with half a brain should be able to tell that you do not get shown in New York City, Palm Springs, San Diego, Orange County, have a handful or correlating Website, Facebook, Twitter and Etsy shops, accompanying blogs etc. by sitting at home eating bon bons. 

But sometimes, we get sucked into Vanity Activities as well.  My favorite example of this so far, has been my ego’s insistence that I am “in” a gallery.  Last year I was in a co-op gallery.  When that co-op was in Laguna Beach, it was actually profitable for me. But when it moved 30 minutes down the coast, to another beach city, with a different type of clientele, and it suddenly wasn’t profitable.  It took me WAAAAAAAAY too long to let that one go.  I was very stuck on the idea of being able to say I was a “gallery artist.”

The funniest thing was, that when I stopped worrying about that, two things happened.  As I was getting ready to pull my art from the gallery – I ended up in a much better location for me 1/2 a block down the street that did not cost me any monthly maintenance.  AND I was asked to be in two other galleries.