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An Art Show Is Never Just About The Show

Sometimes, in the middle or tail end of the day, when I’m exhausted from working so hard at an art festival and not necessarily making as much money as I would have liked for that day, I will forget that an art show isn’t just about what happens that day.

When you do an art shows – people you’ve spoken with before will remember you. During your marketing for the upcoming show, you are again front of mind. Collectors and gallery owners will remember they had been meaning to see how your art was going, or buy another piece, but they got busy and it slipped their mind. Until they saw your email about the upcoming show…

Art shows are also about relationship building and building your list. It’s about meeting raving fans who might other wise never hear of you – who tell their friends, who buy from you. Or who look you up on Facebook and then tell their friends who buy.

Art shows are about meeting people, and selling someone a card or a print, who comes back later and buys more prints, or buys an original (or two). So it’s about starting that artist/client relationship.

It’s about people you meet coming back later and buying.

It’s never just about the show.

That said – I’m not suggesting anyone does a show just for visibility (unless you want to). Or that anyone does shows where they don’t see enough advantages. I am about making money in my art. There are “good” shows and “bad” shows. And only the artist, can put all of the benefits, immediate and residual together, and make a decision about doing a show, or doing a show again.

But, if you are in the middle of a show, tired and a little cranky – try to remember it’s never just about the show. It’s about the before, during and because of the show too. And sometimes, that tips that show in your favor. And makes a meh show a great one.

For another way to look at it, see Selling Art: It’s Like Buidling a Snowman



Selling Art: It’s Like Building A Snowman

Remember when you were a kid and you would start to make a snowman? You’d start with a small snowball, keep rolling it, and rolling it, and rolling it. And then suddenly the mass had gotten big enough it would start to really pick up snow on it’s own? That’s what selling art and making an impression on the art world can be like.

You start off your list, with just maybe 25 or 30 friends and family. Then you do your first show and add maybe 5 more people who really like your work. But the, after a few more shows and a lot more work, “suddenly” you have 300 or 400 people on your list – who really, truly want to hear from you. And are excited about your art. It’s baby steps that eventually get you to the next milestone you have set for yourself.

Baby steps, that suddenly seem to make you see the gradual tiny little wins you have been having along the way. But may have been too deep in the muck of it to realize.

So next time you get a little worn down, or frustrated by all the seemingly small progress you are making. Don’t give up. Celebrate the seemingly small progress, that probably even to you, a few years ago, would have seemed unreachable. And keep going.

Because as long as you are taking small, manageable, intentional steps towards your goals, you are building a really great snowman, even if you can’t see it just yet.

For another way to look at it, se An Art Show is Never Just About The Show