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Facebook Etiquette What Artists Should Know

There has been discussion, normally by those guilty of it, who are irritated when I remove their blatant self-promotion from one of my Facebook Fan Pages.

I define spamming a wall as putting content (including pictures of your own work) without invitation to do so, on someone else’s wall.

The reason I consider this is spamming is for the most part, the content posted isn’t relevant and the person doing it hasn’t asked permission to do so. They are simply trying to piggyback off the work and good-faith another person has created in order to promote themselves.

Here’s my take on Facebook Etiquette. Don’t self promote on someone else’s page. This doesn’t mean don’t comment, and don’t get involved on Fan Pages or Group Pages. It means add value first. Then build a relationship with the person who owns that page. Then see if something you do and they do tie in together.

People will promote you ON THEIR OWN if you are offering value. If you are contributing to the conversation. And if after some time, you want them to promote you – then ask – via a private email. See if they feel what you are offering is in line with what they are offering.

There are two exceptions that I know of to this – that fall under the agreement to post on a wall. The first is Link Love – because everyone on that list has agreed to self promote (in a very specific way, in a very specific place). The second would be a forum set up specifically to promote art. There are a few on Facebook.

(I personally have given up on both Link Love and posting anything in a self-promoting forum because it was not a good ROI activity. Because if everyone is just out for themselves. And no one is adding value. Who actually is paying attention and reading the posts? Very few. )

What are your thoughts? Does it irritate you to have people post self-promotion on your page without first contributing or getting to know you?

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