Remember when you were a kid and you would start to make a snowman?  You’d start with a small snowball,  keep rolling it, and rolling it, and rolling it. And then suddenly the mass had gotten big enough it would start to really pick up snow on it’s own?

That’s what selling art can be like. 

You start off your list, with just maybe 25 or 30 friends and family. Then you do your first show and add maybe 5 more people who really like your work.

But then, after a few more shows and a lot more work, “suddenly” you have 300 or 400 people on your list – who really, truly want to hear from you. And are excited about your art. 

It’s baby steps that eventually get you to the next milestone you have set for yourself. 

Baby steps, that suddenly seem to make you see the gradual tiny little wins you have been having along the way.  But may have been too deep in the muck of it to realize. 

So next time you get a little worn down, or frustrated by all the seemingly small progress you are making -don’t give up.  Celebrate the seemingly small progress, that probably even to you, a few years ago, would have seemed unreachable.  Then keep going.

Because as long as you are taking small, manageable, intentional steps towards your goals, you are building a really great snowman, even if you can’t see it just yet.

Keep going, you’ve got this.