I have some questions from readers who have read my book Art Fairs: 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started.

First off, for those who have read it, thank you for reading my book. I’m glad you found it helpful!

Let me say that each art fair, and what works for each artist is going to be different. This is because locations, and shows vary, as do what works for each artist and their unique brand of art. So I can’t really give specific advice to you, in that I don’t know where you are, what your art is etc. And also because what works great for 1 person won’t work great for someone else, because what they are selling is different. But I can give you my opinion on what I have found most useful to everyone about getting ready for the art fairs, displaying your work and price points, etc.

Q: My first juried Art festival coming up in a couple weeks and have been trying to produce lots but find myself continually creating pieces that can’t be “mass” produced. Any suggestions on how much material to bring? They expected 6,000 people over a two day event.

A: I think the beauty of your work is that it’s not “mass” produced. It will stand out on it’s own as different and unique because it’s you.

I looked at your work on Etsy again – it looks like it is competitively priced. Are you looking to have items at a lower price point as well? if so – are there any shows you could go to in between now and your show for some ideas?

Your question about how much to bring is always one on everyone’s mind when starting out or doing a show in a new location. Create a nice pleasing to the eye display, where things don’t get lost because there is too much product out. If you have items left over, then put them in a safe place that you can access them to refill your stock. It took me 2 years to figure out how much to take to fill my tent in a way that works best for me. And I still switch things up and re-evaluate during and after each show.

Just because a show says that 6,000 people are coming, does not mean that 6,000 people will stop by any one particular booth. Not everyone is looking for the same thing. So just bring what you can, what will fill up your booth with some backup stock as well. Make a note to yourself as to what you brought, so you will have a benchmark to go off of for your next show. I have never met any artist who sold out during a show. But hey, if you do