Facebook Fan Page – Why You As An Artist Need One

Are you guilty of promoting your business with your personal profile page? Here’s a couple reasons why having a Fan Page/ Business Page is important.

First, and most important, is that it goes against Facebook’s rules to promote/ sell on something other than a Page. Promoting/selling on a personal profile can get you into trouble, as in get your account deactivated.

Second – it enables a lot more people to interact with you and in a very targeted way. While I started out inviting people I know to my fan pages – my fan pages have grown from people I don’t know adding/ liking me. I can then interact with a larger group of people I don’t know and who only get to know information I really want to share with them. So for example, my art page is my art page. I don’t share with my fans that I just had the world’s hottest chili or saw the best sale at Barney’s. No – they don’t need to know this. What they need to know is that my art is showing at various places. And that I’m working on X Y and Z in the studio this week.

Third – you can allow other people to become admin’s of your page. Which means that if you did something that accidentally got you booted from Facebook, whomever you added as the admin can add you back into your own page with your new profile. And all that work you did will not be lost.

Fourth – You can interact with other pages as your own page. This allows you to do social marketing interactions as your avatar, instead of as yourself.

Fifth – With the new changes to Facebook Fan pages – you can begin targeting your clients even more via emails. Obviously, don’t abuse this. And a lot of artist will! (So many do on LinkedIn I’ve started dropping those that do.) People want to hear about you and your art. But they don’t want to hear about you every day. Abuse this ability to directly communicate with your clients, and you will become your own worst enemy – by encouraging people to drop your page. Cherish this, use it wisely, and it can be an even better way to keep in contact with your clients and fans. : )

So what are you waiting for? Go here for the link to Facebook’s Page – or simply go to anyone’s page and in the upper right hand corner, click that button to Create A Page.

Have fun – and keep me posted.

For more on Facebook, see Facebook Etiquette



Artist Organized

2 Responses to “Facebook Fan Page – Why You As An Artist Need One”

  1. Laura March 17, 2017 at 6:25 am #

    Creating a Facebook page is next on my “To Do” list. I’m currently reading “Facebook Marketing for Small Business.” Your encouragement and this guide means no more excuses! Facebook is a great way for artists to market their work without making the investment in a website. It also provides a perfect platform for keeping clients up-to-date and connected; simply add the link to your business card!

    Thank you, as always, for your wisdom, wit and wonderful attitude! I’m a fan for life!

    • Artist Organized
      Artist Organized June 12, 2017 at 5:41 pm #

      Thank you Laura. I would highly recommend setting up a Facebook page for your artwork. I have a class coming out in a few months just for artists that show just how to do that and more. Facebook can be a great way to sell art, as well as showcase art.