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Thinking about starting art fairs? But not sure how to start? Then this book is for you. This book is packed full of ideas on ways you can get started, and ways you can use what is around your house, or borrow from a friend to enhance your booth. This book reviews what is probably your biggest purchase – the tent and walls. As well as smaller purchases, like print racks and marketing material. And talk about the things you might want to create or bring with you – such as a contact list, and a way to accept credit cards. (If you don’t have a contact list, don’t worry, the Appendix provides a sample.) This book also discusses the submission process, preparing for your show, and the display as well as the dynamics of a booth. The Appendix includes sample booth setups, for both artisans and painters. And includes ideas for both middle and corner row booths. The Appendix also includes a 2 page check list of things to have and bring with you when doing a day or weekend art festival.
Chapters Include:
1) Submitting To An Art Fair
2) Planning Ahead
3) Marketing Material
4) Contact Information
5) Product Display
6) Print Display
7) Booth Dynamics
8)  Money & Credit Cards
9) The Tent
10) The Tent Walls
Appendix: Artist Resources
Appendix: Sample Contact Sheet
Appendix: Sample Tent Diagrams
Appendix: Art Festival Check List

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