Banners for your website or Etsy Shop:

When creating banners for a blog, website or online shop, not all artists are experts at PhotoShop.  Here are some ways to help with that process.

Option 1: Do It Yourself: There are free photo editing software programs available. Some even come installed on a computer. I personally use Photoshop Elements, which is an inexpensive version of PhotoShop, even though I’m not very good with it.

The images: I would suggest using your art as the art in the banner. But if there is  aneed for other art, try a stock photo site, like iStock to purchase art for this purpose.  Purchasing art, or making sure you have the right to use the images, is important. As artists, we more than most should respect the copyright of another’s work.

There are a few places I use to find free images.  They include: has some great already made banners and backgrounds to download for free.  They are great for female based, or targeted blogs, websites etc.

Microsoft has some royalty free clip art images that I use for my blogs (not my banners, as I want unique content).  Here’s the link to their website:

Option 2: Hire Someone:  This doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. I found a wonderful woman through Facebook who created my Etsy banners and avatars for one of my shops. It was much better for me to get a professional graphically designed banner quickly then for me to try and create it myself, which would have resulted in a less professional look.

Option 2.2 Outsource. This is a second version of hiring someone to help. But it requires hiring someone who is generally out of the US/Canada area.  Use a website such as  Fiverr or oDesk.  Both of these sites have overseas help for less than US prices.  Because English is not the first language of most of those on these sites, one needs to be incredibly clear with instructions and expectations. As everything is done via email, over communication is the key.  You will also need a PayPal account or credit card in order to pay your contractor.



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